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In order to develop and grow our practice of felt making, it is fundamental that we thoroughly understand our medium: wool! Passion and talent are one thing, but how can we make the most of our medium if we do not understand even the most basic fundamentals of wool's incredible structure, properties and characteristics?

If you feel frequently disappointed with the outcome of your work and the quality of your felt, and you do not understand what you could have done differently, this bite-sized tutorial aims to set you up with the theoretical know-how that may have been lacking. Please note that there are no practical components; this tutorial is purely intended to provide theoretical background. 

Fibre fundamentals is part of Felting Foundations; a growing series of bite sized, “off the shelf”, instant access, mix & match video tutorials of some of the techniques and tips I am most often asked to demonstrate by students.

This tutorial is designed to be watched and worked through in your own time, any time, and is suitable for both beginners, intermediate and experienced felt makers who want to go back over some basics.  Once purchased, you have permanent access to the video and text transcript.


TYPE: Instant access video tutorial. Please note: All contents are pre-recorded. There are no "live" sessions.

CONTENTS RELEASED ON: Immediately upon purchase
REGISTRATION OPENS ON:  Tutorials can be purchased any time

COST: £60 GBP  



Video duration: 1hr 35 mins.


Topics covered in this tutorial include:


  • What is felt?

  • The anatomy of wool fibres 

  • Crimp & creep

  • Micron

  • Shrinkage

  • Why we use soap in feltmaking

  • Choosing fibres

  • Combining wool breeds

  • Fibres to avoid

  • Stages of the felting process

  • How to know when felt is ready

  • Utilising the intrinsic characteristics of fibres to increase the success rate of our work

  • Busting common myths about wool

  • Storing wool

  • Tips for preventing moths and dealing with infestations


This tutorial works well when paired with any other tutorials being developed in the Felting Foundations series, as they are designed to complement each other, and to form the foundational building blocks for your very own felt making library. 



No materials are needed for this tutorial.




  • Any felt maker with any level of experience wishing to deepen their understanding of the medium




The thinking behind these tutorials is that (unlike my scheduled online courses) they are non-project based, and instead focus on developing you overall skills set and understanding of wool and felt making. Felting Foundations tutorials are designed to form the foundational building blocks of your very own personalised felt making library, and can be watched and worked through in your own time, any time. The contents are just as detailed as my other courses and workshops, but will be immediately accessible upon registering, rather than drip fed to you. Access is permanent, so you can always refer back to the materials when you need to!


Felting Foundation tutorials can be taken on their own, or in co-junction with any of my other online and on location workshops and courses. They are especially helpful for those preparing for any of my mask making master classes.


I firmly believe that innovation is important to keep felt making alive and relevant in the 21st century, and it is my hope that these tutorials will give you the foundational knowledge, techniques and mastery to free you to move forward into experimentation and innovation with confidence.  Because after all, once we have mastered the rules, we know how to break them!




If you have any questions about the way these instant access video tutorials work, or how they compare to my scheduled online classes, you may well find your answer in the FAQ’s. If, after reading these through, you still have a question, please send me an email at




By purchasing this tutorial, you agree to abide by the following terms & conditions:


I will not


  • Share, copy or distribute any of the course content produced by the tutor

  • Share detailed explanations/step by step photographs of the processes demonstrated in the tutor's online tutorials and courses, either on social media or online

  • Use any of the tutor's course content for your own teaching

  • Share your log in and password with friends.


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